USEFUL BOOKS is a project by Blair Johnson and Luke Williams. We make make little physical books and interactive digital texts.


Q: Can I buy the books individually?

A: Nope. Subscription Only.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: To have an excuse (& a budget) to make more books.

Q: What's a hypertext?

A: SUCH A GOOD QUESTION! And such a good word. Did you know that the 'ht' in 'http' stands for 'hypertext'? It's true. Hypertext transfer protocol.

Also, it's a word that gets thrown around by lit people to mean text that considers its digital medium.

if you print your poem out and it's the same poem, it's not a hypertext.

Q: Who are you?

Blair is a cave-dwelling rarity who dives deep and finds all the best sunken places. She got her MFA in Creative Writing at Washington University in St. Louis.

Luke is almost entirely a pixel-portrait of himself at this point. He writes bad code and pretty good songs.